New Sketches from Sofles

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As usual he doesn’t disappoint!

Check him out.


Revok in Auckland

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Another bunker buster from one of the worlds finest!

Someone wanted MOAR

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So heres a selection of other photos I’ve taken.


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I hardly update this but I really should.

Some photos of recent urbex.

Ill be off hanging out in some underground places again this weekend so I might actually add some more photos here.

Awesome Tshirt companies

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Im always on the look out for brands that really stick out there and start from scratch. One being Johnny Cupcakes, His story of how it all came about is an awesome read and inspiring. Top notch on the product mate!


knit hat

The other is To Die For, Coming from a similar background artwise, I have a connection instantly with this crew, They combine my two loves (Graffiti and Tattoo) and really push the boundaries into new territory. I was gutted when they went into the slimfit shirts, Im not a fan of anything slimfit except maybe ankle socks haha. I hope one day they go back to stocking the regular tees. Anyway some more images to whet your appetite!




Stay Fresh Kids!


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Should be up and running soon…

Had an awesome time at the Newy Toe to Toe show, took some photos, Ill chuck em up later.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Luke.

Tough times but none the less it is life and we have to take it as it comes.

Kids, spend as much time as you can with your parents because you never know when their time will be up and you dont want to sit there thinking I should have said this and should have done that, get out there and do it!

One word.